Combine the load capacity and mobility of a dump truck with a simple and heavy duty pivot track filler. Allowing you to efficiently move gravel or sand from its source to the pivot track

gravel in pivot rut


"The best track filler on the market! A simple design that does a perfect job every time. Using it has reduced the labor from a three man job to a one-man job."
Tom B.
Ellensburg, WA
"I've been very pleased with my track filler. It's easy to get set up on your truck, quick to hook and unhook so you can do other jobs when you don't need it, it does a great job filling tracks, and it's fast."
Bob S.
Mackay, ID
"The pivot track closer has become a very important part of out irrigated alfalfa operation. We are saving 18 to 24 inches of alfalfa growth area by filling the pivot tracks verses conventional track closers. I am also very excited to add it to our rental equipment lineup. It is extremely well built, and functions flawlessly."
Mike J.
Alliance, NE

Road legal

DOT legal for safe road travel. The track filler stays attached to the dump truck eliminating the need to haul material to your field and then reload it in a separate machine to fill the tracks.   


Hooks to the truck with an extremely heavy duty pintle loop. Horizontal and vertical hitch adjustment to acccommodate different truck specs.

simple to use

Lifitng chains use the pivoting action of the dump bed to suspend the machine for transport. Allowing the operator to stay hooked to the machine and quickly switch from filling tracks to hauling material.

heavy duty

This Pivot Track filler is built to last with 10 ply tires on 8 bolt wheels and heavy duty hubs and spindles. The hitches are extremely heavy duty and reinforced to stand up to rough roads. Heavy plate and angle iron skirts the bottom of the machine allowing it to stand up to harsh tracks. It also allows the dump truck to carry the majority of the weight. The dump truck is designed to carry heavy loads over rough terrain compared to other track filling wagons.

Ease of use

UHMW lines the hopper floors to keep wet and sticky material flowing. Hinged side boards extend the width of the hopper to capture all of the material and easily fold inward to a legal width for road travel. Heavy rubber is bolted in the front to create a seal inbetween the truck and hopper. The filler will stop the flow from the dump bed and empty the truck as needed. An Adjustable slide gate in the back can leave a flat or raised track. Scrapers on the rear are adjustable and move dirt and weeds that are built up on the edges of the track to leave behind the best track possible.


The Track Filler allows the dump truck to do all of the hard work. Having the ability to move material efficiently no matter how far of a haul it is to your pivot. It also eliminates the need to haul the material to the field and then reload it into a cart to fill the tracks. Not handling the material twice cuts down the amount of equipment needed and makes it easy to touch up small problem spots.


Sand and Gravel is a tried and true way of keeping tires from sinking in the mud as well as saving strain on U joints, gear boxes, and center drives. 

Trucks for sale setup and ready to fill Tracks

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